Car Accidents

Car Accidents are the most common cause for personal injuries and they can change lives. The injuries, damages and medical expenses can have a devastating effect not only on your health, but also your financial well-being. One simple act of negligence can lead to spinal injuries, paralysis and head and brain injuries. The medical bills and loss of income from these injuries can be overwhelming.

You do not have to face this frustrating and stressful time alone.

At the law offices of Prieto, Prieto & Goan our lawyers are prepared to carefully investigate the circumstances surrounding your car accident. Acting quickly, we will gather evidence and witness statements in an effort to pursue your case in the best manner possible. The person responsible for your injuries and damages should be held accountable and we are determined to help you obtain the money you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and the loss of the ability to enjoy your life.

Our office will handle all aspects of your case leaving you with one main job – trying to heal from the accident.  We will deal with the insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and vehicle damage.  Under Florida Law, most car accident victims have to prove that they suffered a permanent injury before they can recover any money for pain and suffering.  We will explain this law to you and how it affects your case as well as answer any other questions you have.

The outcome of your case can depend on how soon you retain an attorney.
It is important that you contact us before talking to the insurance company.
Contact our firm by calling 813-877-8600 as soon as possible for no cost legal advice.
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